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NZIPP Iris Awards 2014

Bronze Awarded in Wedding Creative Category

Title: Sorted


Definition of "Sorted" in Oxford dictionary: [adjective] organized, arranged, or dealt with satisfactorily.


The title of this awarded print "Sorted" to me was an interesting title that was pretty much combining all kind of sorting, failing, resorting, and sorted.


Put aside my final post processing for a second, the initial concept of this image was to isolate the couple from all elements in the autumn scene by using Brenizer Method. The isolation was to express the couple enjoying their good time together despite the beautiful autumn view in Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand.


I have done Brenizer Method many times successfully, yet many time unsuccessfully. My Brenizer process did not work out well for this image, but I loved the interaction between the couple, I loved the scenery, and my mind stick with the "isolation" concept so badly. I insisted myself that I got to sort it out. I was then resorted my mind, my concept & story, and the image. I got 40+ images laid as the background and laid a clear sharp image on the top of all, right at the centre and created this image.


The finished print was printed on a mat paper that provided a good contrast to the image yet the paper texture could still be seen and it was mounted with a mat that has similar texture on it. 


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