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NZIPP Iris Awards 2014

Bronze Awarded in Wedding Creative Category

Title: Centre of Two


This was a concept shot that I had a brief discussion with the clients from Paris well before their wedding date. We all agreed to give this concept a go should we have sufficient time. "Sufficient time" was the key, every wedding photographer can tell how little time we have on hand for creative/concept shots on the wedding day, and there was no exception in this wedding. The worse ... the venue we were at double booked weddings and they promised the other couple that there was no other wedding taken place at the same time. The venue staff told us that we were not allowed shooting wedding outdoor in case of other couple saw us. I won't mention the venue name but I sincerely wish they will not repeat doing this to other wedding clients. To clear thing up since we have been to two venues on that day. The venue mentioned above was not my favourite Delamore Lodge. Delamore Lodge is an awesome venue and they provide awesome services.  


Long story short ... we made this our very last shot for the day. We had a couple of minutes to get the exposure pre-set without the couple and we had under one minute time-frame to capture the shot with the couple.


Making silhouette shot could be easy with flash, but we did not have sufficient time to play with flash settings and we got to capture the shot under a minute. I therefore decided to utilize the sunlight. I got a large white diffuser popped up as the background, and got my assistant lying down on a bench pretending the couple for the quick exposure pre-set. We then used about 30 seconds to position the couple and used about 30 seconds to captured a series of shots. Due to the time limit, we could not get the groom's position to where I wanted, but I decided to achieve the result by the mean of post production. 


Back to my computer, I rotated the groom's head clockwise so his chin was not touching the bride's forehead. I then "engineered" the framing to circle which tied to the centre of the ring. I could edit the couple darker so there would be no details on their faces but black. Doing so, the concept would die, I believe, since it would not have the "real human" touch. I finalized the image as is with not so solid black faces that can show a bit of facial features.


Below: Image of Bronze awarded print

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Below: 1st edition before rotating the groom's head and before placing the image in circle framing

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